Wednesday, September 28, 2011

"The Independents"

While you're waiting for this Friday's new strip, take a moment to check out the IndieGoGo campaign that director Michael La Breche has set up for his thesis documentary film, "The Independents". I was interviewed by Michael and his amazing crew about my work and about "Somewhere In Between". There is a lot of incredible, established talent featured in this doc (not the least of which is Doug TenNapel!) but the filmmakers treated me as no less the comics professional than any of the other artists in the film. (Plus, they lit me well. And good things come to those who can make me look good on camera!)

So check out the preview (you can see me drawing and inking at the very end of it!) and if you are able, please donate to help get this documentary made. It would mean a lot of great publicity and attention for me and for my webcomic, and you can still say you were reading "Somewhere In Between" before it was popular (you silly hipsters, you!).


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