Thursday, October 27, 2011

Feliz aniversário, SIB!

SIB turns one this weekend! Yes, one year ago the webcomic launched, with a handful of promotional stickers at Long Beach Comic-Con 2010. Jump ahead to 2011 and we have 85 fans on Facebook, followers all over the world (including a huge jump in readership in Brazil! Oi, galera!! Obrigada!), and a couple of my ex-boyfriends e-mailing me occasionally to correct me on their hairstyles and dialogue. I've self-published a book of the first 28 strips. And the story continues...

I want to give a very big thank you to each and every person who reads SIB. You guys probably all know that although I am a paid illustrator, this is not my day job, so every SIB strip or sketch or script requires staying up late on a week night, or staying home on a weekend, and knowing all of you guys are out there enjoying this strip makes it all worthwhile. Thank you and I will keep it up as long as one of you is still reading!

Secondly I want to thank everyone who helps make the existence of SIB letterers to date, Brian Campbell, Terry Blas, and Kimball Davis. You guys rock, and you make my comic look like it's the real deal. Thank you to my roommate Julie for letting me ink on the living room coffee table. And thank you also to everyone who inspired and continues to inspire this story.


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